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Oil Wrestling Parties
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Our parties can be for any number of people, from 1 to 30

*big groups may require a good behaviour bond* 

Our big oil wrestling parties take place in Hackney, East London.

Our venue is a large space, a bit off the beaten track so we can make as much noise as we like. 


Hackney is a vibrant busy place with loads of things to do both before and after your party. We are also very close to Liverpool St, Old St and Shoreditch where there are plenty of great places to continue the entertainment. 


We have a very reasonably priced bar on site so please do not bring any booze with you. The bar takes cash or card payment.


We do our oil wrestling parties every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 10am with the latest start time being 4pm.



·         1 - 1.5 hours depending on the size of your group and how many people take part.



  • Bring a fun attitude! This is an experience you’ll want to make the most of!

  • Be ready - these lady wrestlers are the real deal and they take no prisoners. 

  • An activity representative can meet you at the station if needed. Please contact me in advance to arrange.

  • Each attendee will be required to sign a liability waiver form prior to participating in the event. This will be provided on the day.

  • We have loads of clean shorts and towels for you and your group. All you need to bring is yourselves.

  • There is no shower on site, however our lovely ladies will give each attendee a sponge bath at the end of the event.

  • You must inform us if any member of your group has an injury so we can make allowances. Remember this is about having fun for a great afternoon, not anyone getting hurt. 

  • For older people aka Dad or Grandad or worse Father of the bride we have set rules ensuring everyone leaves the pool happy.

  • We are all very highly trained in wrestling and our priority is for everyone to have fun, with a little bit of slap and tickle. We want to make sure nobody gets hurt so we cannot wrestle people who are intoxicated or aggressive because…. it’s just not cricket now is it. 

  • While every care is taken we cannot be responsible for the personal safety of you or your group.

  • You must listen to the referee/host and if you are asked to get out of the pool for any reason you must comply with the rules. This is for your own safety and so you don’t go world war 3 on us.


1 to 15 People - £550

Up to 8 people can wrestle

15 to 20 people - £650

up to 12 people can wrestle

Got a bigger group?

That's no problem just get in touch for a quote.

To book a party you need to confirm the date/time with us and then send a deposit of £200. Please contact me to book and for details of how to send payment HERE

Cancellation policy:

The £200 deposit is non-refundable 

If you cancel over 14 days before your party you will get back part of part of your fee, NOT the £200 deposit.

If you cancel under 14 days notice there is no refund at all

Check us out on Twitter or Instagram, links are below.

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